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Five Lifesaving Things You Can Do For You and Your Family

1. Avoid tobacco use.
2. Eat right for life -with five or more servings of vegetables and fruits every day.
3. Get moving! Be physically active most days of the week.
4. Talk to a doctor about cancer screening test that could save your life.
5. Understand your personal risk for cancer and what you can do about it.



Injury prevention

Child-safety car seats (age <5years)
Lap-shoulder belts (age> 5years)
Bicycle helmet; avoid bicycling near traffic
Smoke detector, flame-retardant sleepwear
Hot water heater temperature <120°F 10 130°F
Window/stair guards, pool fence .
Safe storage of drugs, toxic substances, firearms &matches
Syrup of ipecac, poison control phone number
CPR training for parents/caretakers

Diet and exercise

Breast-feeding, iron-enriched formula and foods (infants)
Limit fat & cholesterol; maintain caloric balance;
emphasize grains, fruits, vegetables (age> 2 years)
Regular physical activity*

Substance use

Effects of passive smoking*
Anti-tobacco message*
Dental health
Regular visits to dental-care provider·
Floss, brush with fluoride toothpaste daily·
Advice about baby-bottle tooth decay·


Diphtheria (DTP)*
Poliovirus (IPV)*
Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)*
Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) conjugate
Hepatitis B
Chicken Pox

American Cancer Society Checkup Guidelines

Test or Procedure



Colonoscopy M/F Over 50
Prostate Specific Antigen M Over 50
Bone Mineral Density F Over 50
Digital Rectal Examination M/F Over 40
Pap Test F 20-65; under 20 if sexually active
Pelvic Exam F Over 20
Mammography F Over 40
Chest X-ray Not Recommended



Goal: Complete Cessation

Blood Pressure Control:

Goal: <140/90 mm Hg or
<130/85 mm Hg
if heart failure, renal
insufficiency or diabetes

Cholesterol Management:

Primary Goal: LDL <160 mg/dL
if 0-1 risk factors or
LDL <130 mg/dL
if >2 risk factors
Secondary  Goal: HDL >35 mg/dL;
TG <200 mg/dL
Weight Control


Goal: <150 mg/dL
hemoglobin R1C ,7.0

Limit Alcohol & Sun Exposure

Men, 40 and over: One aspirin daily.
Women, over 50: 1200 Calcium, 800 Vitamin D
Over 60 (or with respiratory problems): Flu shot annually.
Pneumonia shot every six years.
Cardiac Stress Test: At 50 or if you are considered "at high risk", i.e. have family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.
All: Tetanus shot every ten years.
Cholesterol and blood sugar test every five years.
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